5 Best SEO Methods For Mobile App Promotion

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Mobile App Promotion

5 Best SEO Methods For Mobile App Promotion

A mobile app can do wonders for any business. It doesn’t matter how big your business is. Whether it’s a startup or a big name in the market. In today’s time, having a website is a must for any business. Similarly, having a mobile application is also necessary for the growth of any business. 


A recent study highlights that almost 85% of the users generally conduct an online search for a product or service through the mobile application. That stat shows how a mobile application can overtake one business to another. In this article, we will learn the best SEO methods for mobile app promotion which many SEO firms in USA recommend.


Having a mobile application is not enough, it alone can not give growth to a business, it’s promotion is also important. Promotion is important because it reaches your business to the consumers fast and keeps in their mind that there is such a business in the market.


Why Mobile Application Promotion is Beneficial For The Business


Having a mobile app is not only a big deal, but the promotion of the app is also important. If you promote your app, it will help in many ways in the growth of your business. Since we live in an internet world more than 80 percent of people who own mobile devices search for products and services online. Of this 80 percent, 30 percent search for mobile apps that are connected to the products or services they want to acquire. Here are some basic benefits of having a mobile application.

Customer Reliability:

Mobile applications are more easily accessible than a website. Through an application, you can easily assemble an immediate and direct relation with customers whether they are existing customers or the new ones.

Building Brand Value: 

Mobile Application Promotion allows you to reach millions of customers. Apps allow you to solve customer queries like offers, discounts and many questions related to the products and services which increase your brand value.

Improve Visibility: 

A mobile user spends an average of 6 hours on his phone, if customers repeatedly see a brand’s app on their phone the brand sticks in their subconscious mind and they definitely look once to the app.

Make a Direct Marketing Channel

Applications serve numerous capacities: they can give general information about customers for example their likes and dislikes, recent search, recent views, Interest in products and services.


List of SEO Methods For Mobile Application Promotion

In this article, we will see some effective SEO methods of Mobile App Promotion that helps in business growth.


Keyword Optimization:

Keyword optimization plays an important role when it comes to Mobile App Promotion because it makes it easy to find your app in the app store and in SERP. While Keyword optimization first we need to focus on URL, title, and a short description. While writing these points we need to focus on our target or main targeted keyword.

Content Optimization:

As we all know “Content is King” therefore Content Optimization is so far the best SEO strategy regarding any SEO activity. At the time of writing we should consider points like:


    • Keywords should be in h1, h2, h3.
    • Content should be in points paragraphs.
    • Focus keywords should mention at least five times.
    • We should ad search related keywords.
    • Ad keyword after competitors analysis.
    • Try to answer some questions like how to use it,  how it works, why it is different from others, etc.


Getting Positive Review:

Getting Reviews from users will help your application to prepare for the main places of the outlines. If your App gets positive reviews this will affect the reputation of the app in the app store. What the App store does is it automatically promotes your app to the people who show interest in similar services or products related to the app. Getting a decent positioning in the application store will likewise pull your positioning in the app stores.

Quality Backlink:

Backlinks are one of the common aspects of ASO  (App Store Optimization). Getting backlinks on your targeted keyword or main keyword helps to increase the visibility in SERP. Creating backlinks doesn’t mean to create backlinks on any website. First, we need to filter out good and niche related websites to create backlink. This will help concrete your application in the rankings.

Creating Promotional Video:

Video promotion plays an important and vital role in any promotion. As many SEO experts think it is one of the effective methods of their SEO strategy. Today, in the time of YouTube, people like watching videos more than reading any text. Through the video, we can easily convince people about our product or service. In-text promotion it is slightly difficult to convince our consumer. But to reach up to more people we make sure our video has to be eye-catchy and informative in a short period of time.

We can use these videos at many platforms like in a blog, in PPC ad, at social media platforms. Where we can not use the same text content multiple times.

 If you are into a business that deals with selling products, then owning an application is far more beneficial then a responsive website. In this article, we try to cover all the free SEO strategies by which you can promote your Mobile Application. These are the most effective SEO methods which many SEO firm in USA follow and recommend to their client


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