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Project Background

Maintenance Renewal is a Home Maintenance Company that provides outstanding handyman services to homeowners in southeast Virginia. With over 11 years of outstanding experience. They have been involved in the trade for over a decade now and use only the best products and techniques available.


Worked on SEO | SMM

Project Background

They were looking for SEO Consultant and they’ve got us by searching on Google. Well, when they contact us in November 2018 for SEO Service, their website has some issues like:

Onpage was not good as SEO Perspective.

Keyword targeted content was missing

They were not receiving a single Organic Traffic

Website Doesn't have any Quality Link

Social Media Pages were missing


Steps taken by us

Our SEO Strategy

At the beginning of the project, we approach the Advance SEO Strategy to fulfill Maintenance Renewal’s need for Organic Traffic. The following are the steps that were taken by us.

Research high volume of keyword related to their Business in USA

Update on-page content according to service targeted Keywords

Analysis of Competitor according to their Services.

Implement analysed things what we get from the Competitor

Applied Outsourcing SEO Method

Create High quality backlinks to rank their keywords on first page of Google


Result They Got

What we Achieved

Our SEO Strategy start working and started getting Organic Traffic within 2 Months of our SEO Activity. Organic Traffic Increased by 75% within 3 months. We were targeting 10 keywords but the Website gets ranked on more than 20 keywords in the top 10. Now Maintenance Renewal is enjoying potential customers.

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