What is E-Commerce SEO?

E-Commerce SEO is the process of making your online business rank on the top searches of the Google Search Result. It ensures that your product page appears among the top searches of the google result. The earlier your Page Ranks the more traffic it generates. Rank on the First Page matters a lot, according to a study it has been found that the result on the search page grabs 32.5% more traffic than the rest.

What is E-Commerce SEO

What is the importance of E-Commerce SEO for the business?

What do most of the Consumers do when they have to buy certain products either online or from the store? They search on the web about the Product and its Description and Reviews. They look for various options, comparisons, tips and price range for that product. They usually click on several sites that appear on the first page of google search.So, if your site doesn’t appear there you lose access to interested e-customers. This is where E-Commerce SEO comes into play. It provides with a perfect way to reach the target audience. Once you get the audience, you can engage them with your amazing products.

How to develop a strategy for E-Commerce SEO?

E-Commerce strategy might seem to be a huge task. But if you follow a proper process then this task becomes quite easy for you. Listed below are some checklists that need to be followed for following an E-commerce SEO strategy.

Prioritizing Pages

It should be very clear in your mind that which pages of the site get the most traffic. You should basically start with them. Or in addition to that if you want customers to focus on specific products then you should also keep them on your priority list.

Creating Workflow

SEO needs to meet a lot of requirements so it is very important to create a workflow for them. Choosing images, renaming them correctly, choosing keywords, adding alternate image attributes, adding meta-data description to the content, and incorporating related keywords under that category.

Check For Competitors

You need to check your competitor’s website and try to do something better than them. Look for the several things that they have followed on their website and do something unique.

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    What is the Need for E-commerce SEO for An Online Business?

    If the search is considered to be the king then retail sites are considered to be the queen. Even if the purchase is not happening on the online platform, more than 65% of consumers search about the products online before making their final decision of purchasing a product. This process is known as ROBO(Research online, Buy offline).

    E-commerce SEO for an online business

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