5+ Best Google Search Console Tips To Rank Your Website

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Google Search Console Tips

5+ Best Google Search Console Tips To Rank Your Website

Google Search Console is also known as Google Webmaster. It is the most essential and free tool for monitoring your website performance organically. Many Business owners don’t understand the power of Google Search Console, how it can help to increase their organic traffic and ranking in SERP?


It is not only helpful in monitoring traffic but also you can detect website issues like crawling, indexing, AMP, Manual action reports. These issues are termed as coverage in search console.


In this article, we will share some valuable practices of Google Search Console which helps to rank your website in Google.

Here are Best Google Search Console Tips To Rank Your Website

1. Keywords Analysis (Relevant Keywords):

Keywords play a vital role when it comes to website ranking. Many of us ran behind paid tools, using paid tools is not bad but the sad part is we completely ignore Search Console which is the best and free tool from Google when it comes to analyzing.

In Google search console we can get tons of keywords under the tab Queries. There you can check your ranking position, Impression and which keyword is performing better not only this but also in which country it is ranking at what position. According to this, we can optimize our keywords in a better way to get more traffic from a targeted audience.

2. Top Linking Text (What You Are Targeting): 

While creating backlink we target a specific URL of our website on targeted keywords to get rank higher in SERP. But we missed this feature of Google Search Console where we can analyze Google is crawling which URL on which keyword. 

As in the first point we have analyzed which keyword is performing better. Now we can target that particular keyword with proper URL so Google can understand this keyword is important for our Website.

3. Geographical Targeting:

Geographical Targeting means pointing a website in a particular country. This can be done in various ways.

  • First is by choosing ccTLD (Country-code top-level domain).
  • If we are using gTLD(Generic top-level domains) like .com, .org, .edu, etc. here Google Search Console’s Geotargeting (International Targeting) feature can help, it allows us to choose a region but not a language.

How to Set a Geographic Target (International Target) In Search Console

  • Go to Search Console and choose your property.
  • On the left, select Legacy tools and report > International targeting.
  • Click on the country tab.
  • Select the country you want to target.
  • Click on save.

4. Resolve Errors

While working on a website we might miss something which is important for Google such as Image alt text, 404 errors, proper redirection of pages, crawling issues, no index tag issues and many more.

If you find those errors relax! don’t panic. Now we have a free tool that reflects those issues and helps to get rid of those issues. By resolving those issues helps our website to perform better. Resolving issues means increasing the user experience.

5. Links Filtration

In Google Search Console we can monitor our links like from where and on which search term we are getting links. We can also monitor spammy and irrelevant links which may affect the ranking of the website in SERP

Now what we can filter those spammy links and disown them.

6. Use Of URL Inspection:

With the help of URL Inspection, we can easily index URLs in Google and see the status. It also provides information about which page is indexed and which is not in Google.


We tried to cover essential points in the above content regarding search console and how some easy tips can help our website to rank higher and get organic traffic.  Most of the mentioned points in the above content need elaborate explanations like Geographical Targeting and Link Filtration. We will come up with more content on these tips. This is not the end of tips on Google Search Console. We will keep updating more tips on Webmaster.



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