5 Proven Techniques to Reduce Bounce Rate

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Techniques to Reduce Bounce Rate

5 Proven Techniques to Reduce Bounce Rate

Your website is good and you are also getting traffic to your website, but your ranking is getting down, and you are not getting the sales. Is this the same problem which is happening with you?


The region might be happening due to the bounce rate of your website.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is one of the key factors that Google decides, to rank your website or not, but what is the bounce rate?


So the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate a bay from the site after only being one page.


Let’s understand with an example: If seven out of ten users only visit one page on your website, then your bounce rate would be 70%.

Bounce rate = (Total Bounces/Total Entrances)X100%

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”Maya Angelou

Know one question arises what will be the Average Bounce Rate or What’s a Good Bounce Rate?


Well, If we talk in general rule:

80%+ is very Worse

70 %– 80% is Bed

50% – 70% is Creditable

30% – 50% is Outstanding

Below 20% is likely the following mistake (because of duplicate analytics code, third-party plugins). 

While the above measurements are great to begin, the bounce rate changes crosswise over businesses and the kind of substance you have.


Let’s have looked at the given chart below

Bounce Rate Chart


What will the factors of the Bounce Rate of any website?


There will be different factors according to various industries’ website. But the common factors which affect all the sites are:


Page Speed Impact On Bounce Rate


We know that users stay only 4 sec on average to any website before opening the website. Try to not waste time showing a blank page loading scripts and downloading content to your customers.  


As per research, a one-second deferral can cost you 7% of sales, 11% less online visits, and a 16% diminishing in consumer loyalty. So the speed of the website matters a lot. To measure your page speed, you can use tools like Pingdom and Google Page Speed


If you get low page speed as a result and you want to improve it, you can contact the best SEO company in USA.


You are not Getting Target Audience On Your Site


“Don’t just create content to get credit for being clever — create content that will be helpful, insightful, or interesting for your target audience”David Ogilvy


Here you have to think about our target audience for whom you are making the content of the website. Suppose You have a Website about “health and education”, and if the visitors attending your site are not able to get information and contents about “food and diet” they will leave your site immediately which will increase the bounce rate of the site.


So try to chack the wrong keywords you are ranking for and avoid using them. If you think this is the same issue with you and want to solve it, contact the best SEO consultant in the USA.


Write Engaging Content On Your Site


The other most important factor which might be made by you is you are not proving them right, interesting content and relevant content according to your user’s search query. As a result, your user will swift to the next website by that your bounce rate will increase. 


So try to avoid using irrelevant content to your website and use interesting and engaging content to your website and if you have a problem with content making, then contact the best SEO Content Writer in the USA.


Worst User Experience

“People ignore design that ignores people.”– Frank Chimero, Designer


When we talk about the design of the website, it means we talk about UI/UX. It is essential to consider your total site route designing, including how your pages are interlinked with one another. Try to complete the way of ordering your product or services in a maximum of 4 clicks. Many users will go back and will increase your bounce rate when the design of your website will not clear and user-friendly.




Are you making it hard for your visitor to trust you?


Trust is a massive factor in the buying process, especially when your website is the only thing your customer has to go by. If it’s a mishmash of different pages and redirections, it can seem off-putting unprofessional and even Scammy. So check the redirection of your site and make sure the redirected page must not look like a spammy.


If you have solved all the issues given above and still getting a high bounce rate, then let’s see how you can reduce the bounce rate of your website?


  • Give Better Overall User Experience
  • Avoid using Popups
  • Optimize Your Call to Action
  • Make engaging Landing Page 
  • Add Videos To Engage Your Audience
  • Add High-Quality Images to Captivate User Attention
  • Use Relevant Keywords for your ranking




Don’t lose your valuable visitors from your website. Optimize your website to improve your user experience so that high bounce rates can be avoided. If you are not able to do these all activity and wants to hire a digital marketing company in the USA, then BuildsworthSEO will be the best.


BuildsworthSEO is the USA based company which is proving the International SEO Services for all sized business and also provides SEO Consultant in the USA and other countries. Contact them to give new wings to your website.


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