3 Tips To Know Before Using Social Media Marketing

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3 Tips To Know Before Using Social Media Marketing

The increment of the user of Social Media made Social Media Marketing a new way to promote brands.

91% of business owners had used Social Media Marketing for their branding at least one time. And there are 3.499 billion active Social Media Users now. I hope you have understood how much Social Media is important. 



How Can You Start Social Media Marketing Now?

Social Media Marketing is the fastest and most efficient way to elevate your business today and in the near future.  Implement these strategies to elevate your business to the next level.

Let’s start from the beginning.  I am going to go through 3 Simple Strategies On How To Use Social Media Marketing For Today’s Success.

1 | Where are your clients?

Before doing anything firstly you have to find out where your clients are? What platforms do they mostly utilize?  


The biggest mistake that all do is trying to use all platforms at once. That really not workes for you because each platform has its own language. Most of the best SMM companies in USA recommend you just focus on one platform. Understand it’s language and master it. 


For example, for a direct to a consumer product or a B2C company, It would be best to focus your most of your time on Instagram or Facebook because it’s a great platform to grow your consumer-centric business online. If you are a B2B business, It would be best to focus on YouTube and LinkedIn, where people can be on it for business purposes.


2| Are you creating relevant content?

Create content according to the demographics of your clients, what are their interests? What kind of content could you create that would provide them value and build trust? 


Once you understand where your clientele is, you have to figure out what would give them value. Try to flip your perspective and think from their viewpoint. Ask your self If I was a person who could potentially buy my products or services, what topics would I be interested in? 


Getting all the answers to your question starts writing content. After creating content, you will learn from the feedback you receive on your content. In what ways can you make it better? Always try to ask your audience and see how you can improve. Engage with your audience using the Instagram Story Hacks or Facebook Groups.


3 | You Have To Sell Something

Pretty simple right? 

As you build your audience (10,000/10k followers is a good goal), you have to make sure they understand what it is that you do. Not be spammy or to try to sell in all of your pieces of content, but you have to give everything that you are doing context.


The only reason someone should be on Social Media is to grow their business and their brand (especially is they are a “small business” or “start-up.”  Those that consume Social Media for Pleasure, are wasting their time.  Those that are leveraging social media to better their situation, win.


Use Social Media as a tool or vehicle for your business growth for that you need to understand the process of Social Media Optimization in that you must have to think that


  • What is your intent?
  • What is your outcome?


You have to be very clear.  What is your outcome and what are your desired results?  Are you just posting and waiting to get likes? Waste of your time. Find out the reasons why are you doing that. Why are you posting any content? Why does engagement need for your business?


These are more unique ways that BuildsworthSEO uses to bring in more clients and customers using Social Media Marketing.


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